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Fung International


Fung Shell System:
High quality, fast turn-around times at extremely competitive prices made possible by the Fung Shell.

The Fung Shell
-semi-automated, low cost, first class quality production of porcelain restorations

  • Hard on the outside
  • Soft on the fitting surface - like chalk: a simple adjustment fits it to the metal core.
  • Perfect in anatomy
  • Contains all the colour/shade
  • Simple! It can be used by people with limited dental skills.
    (With the supervision of a trained technician, high quality work can be achieved in a couple of months)
  • Makes porcelain restorations competitive with the newer porcelain substitutes
    (It is possible for a crown to cost as little as a composite filling!)
  • Increases an existing dental laboratory's production and profit.


Quick Steps:

  1. Choose the right size

  2. Test on the plaster model

  3. Trim accordingly

  4. Add new mixture of dentine + water

  5. Condense porcelain to remove excess water

  6. Trim excess porcelain

  7. Make ready for firing in a furnace

Pictures of the Fung Shell:
(click to zoom in)